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Managed SOC Services

With Our Managed SOC Service, You Can Maintain Robust And Scalable Security Operations.

Digital Hubs  is a fully managed service that detects and addresses intrusions on your PCs, servers, networks, cloud security, email accounts, and more. It is offered by security experts.

Managed SOC Services help companies identify, stop, and address threats to their IT infrastructure. Since 1997, Professional Labs has offered proactive prevention, effective management, managed detection, real-time monitoring, and quick response to security issues of various degrees of complexity.

Why Choose Our Managed SOC Services ?

Reasons to Select Digital Hub for Managed SOC Services
  • 15+ years of experience in cybersecurity.
  • 24/7, India/UAE-based experience SOC team.
  • A cloud-centric MSSP, based on the Prevent – Manage – Detect – Respond model.
  • Professional Labs Cyber Security Team Proactively gathers threat intelligence data 24×7.
  • Faster incident response with cutting-edge tools
  • Risks are mitigated via Machine Learning and behavior analysis alerts.
  • Pro Laboratories Cyber Security Champions have an insatiable zeal for managed SOC Services.
  • We provide MDR, XDR, as well as vulnerability assessment solutions.
  • We are Microsoft gold partners with Microsoft-certified Azure experts.

24/7 Threat Defense

Benefit from proactive threat hunting and continuous threat detection, which are fueled by threat intelligence.

Comprehensive Protection

To handle sophisticated security threats, incorporate capabilities like AI, incident response, and managed security services' offensive testing.

Boosted ROI

To increase security operational efficiency and optimize ROI, make use of the technology and tools already in place.

Security Threat Detection

With AI-powered 24/7 threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities, you can stay one step ahead of known and unknown cyberattacks and stop them in their tracks while also improving the effectiveness of your security operations center. Make use of endpoint management and surveillance features to defend all of your surroundings’ devices from endpoint attacks.

We Attend to the Managed SOC Needs of Our Customers

With 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, Professional Labs is a managed SOC service provider that tailors its approach to each customer. Among our clients are SaaS providers from the manufacturing, healthcare, finance, eCommerce, and retail sectors.

The benefits of using the Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) service

  • You get the best possible protection and peace of mind with round-the-clock monitoring.
  • quicker prevention and response to incidents.
  • Prevent losing money because of a data leak.
  • Acquire trust and strengthen your professional rapport with clients.

Value Proposition

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Real Time

Services Compliant with industry Standards

We handle the following security requirements as an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)

  • adequate security protection in the various IT environments of the customers.
  • security of IT infrastructure from advanced persistent attacks (APTs) and real-time nontargeted threats.
  • adherence to security regulations and standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, and others.

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Managed SOC, or SOC as a Service, is a subscription service that enables companies to “outsource” their SOC service operations to an outside vendor. Third-party cybersecurity experts known as managed SOC providers monitor an organization’s IT infrastructure, endpoints, software, and data for possible security vulnerabilities. They have the ability to identify dangers before they materialize, act fast in response to alarms, and resolve issues as they come up.

  • There are five main stages in creating a SOC:
  • Planning the SOC.
  • Designing the SOC.
  • Building the SOC.
  • Operating the SOC.
  • Reviewing the SOC.

With the help of a dedicated SOC, an MSP can expand or augment its new rosters by having access to a private network of skilled security analysts. Under this model, security professionals can operate using the procedures and security equipment that your business now possesses.

The security operations team is led by a SOC manager, who answers to the CIO (CISO). They oversee the team, provide technical guidance, and manage the following: oversees the recruiting, training, and assessment of SOC employees. causes events to occur.

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