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Stay Vigilant Against Phishing Threats. Safeguard Your Email Data With Digital Hub Email Security, Ensuring Protection For Your Inbox.

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Adopt a People-Centric Strategy for Email Security:

In the face of evolving cyber threats, which increasingly target individuals rather than infrastructure, it’s imperative for businesses to establish robust controls to shield corporate communications from threats like business email compromise, malware, ransomware, and credential phishing. To stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and mitigate security risks effectively, you require an innovative approach for early detection, analysis, and blocking of advanced email threats before they infiltrate your inbox.

Attain Peace of Mind with Data Security:

Secure sensitive information and simplify compliance procedures. Professional Labs Email offers automated scanning of messages and attachments for confidential content, including seamlessly integrated encryption, ensuring data protection.

Prevent Data Loss

Establish comprehensive cross-Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules for both organizations and individual users to safeguard sensitive data. This involves identifying financial information, confidential content, health records, and personally identifiable information in all emails and attachments.

Encrypt and Ensure Authentication

Enhance email security by encrypting messages and incorporating digital signatures for sender identity verification. Utilize S/MIME for this purpose, or choose from a range of tailored encryption options, such as TLS encryption, attachment and message encryption (including PDF and Office formats), or full web portal encryption.

Secure Email with Unparalleled Deployment Flexibility

Shield your email infrastructure against a spectrum of threats, encompassing phishing, ransomware, and financial fraud. Whether through a gateway or independently, access industry-leading efficacy tailored to your specific requirements. Employ AI technology to detect even the most intricate cyberattacks effectively.

Empower Proactive, Intelligent, User-Friendly, and Swift Email Security Solutions.

Email serves as the primary conduit for a vast portion of critical corporate communications, and it’s also the primary entry point for the majority of cyberattacks. Effective email security must be capable of defending against a broad spectrum of email-based threats, including phishing, spam, malware, ransomware, and brand impersonation. Notably, large-scale cloud service providers like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace necessitate top-tier protection due to their desirability as targets.

Professional Labs Email Security offers two deployment alternatives, both equipped with AI-powered, leading-edge security features.

  1. Email Security Cloud Gateway:
  2. Designed for organizations requiring advanced email system management with customizable policies and fine-grained controls. It can seamlessly integrate with Professional Labs’ comprehensive solution package, which includes award-winning awareness training, proactive brand and supply chain protection tools, and an unparalleled array of open APIs and pre-built connectors for sharing threat intelligence.

  3. Email Security, Cloud Integrated:
  4. Easily deployable in minutes, this option is perfect for organizations looking to enhance Microsoft 365 environment security. The Integrated Cloud Email Security solution simplifies email security administration, offering out-of-the-box settings, an intuitive dashboard displaying blocked threats and explanations, and one-click threat remediation.

Benefits of Email Security Services:

  1. Simplify Complexity:
  2. Eliminate the need for multiple email security solutions, outsource tactical email security requirements, and gain actionable insights.

  3. Monitoring and Management:
  4. Access to security analysts and responders around the clock to prevent data loss caused by malicious inbound and outbound emails.

  5. Email Security Best Practices:
  6. Regular assessments of email security settings, policies, attack types, and frequency, along with proactive recommendations for enhanced email security.

  7. Email Compliance Support:
  8. Implement email usage policies as part of a compliance program to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

  9. Enhanced Email Investigation Assistance:
  10. Defending against advanced email threats requires vigilant, ongoing protection and responsive threat mitigation.

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A secure email service is designed to enhance the security of your email account and its contents. This is typically accomplished through the implementation of end-to-end encryption, ensuring that the email remains encrypted from the sender to the recipient.

Different secure email service providers offer varying sets of features, and there are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing one:

1. Server Location:

Some countries, such as the United States, have the capability to collect and share intelligence data obtained from email server logs. Your level of concern may depend on whether you are more worried about hackers or government organizations accessing your data.

2. Encryption:

Two primary encryption methods are commonly used. Symmetric encryption involves the use of a single key for both encryption and decryption, and both the sender and recipient must possess this key. Asymmetric encryption, also known as public-key cryptography, uses two distinct sets of keys for encryption and decryption, offering an added layer of security.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is indeed the preferred encryption method for securing email communication. It is considered superior to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) due to its more modern and robust security features. Combining TLS-based email encryption with email authentication is a smart practice to ensure the integrity and security of email messages. This dual approach enhances the protection of sensitive data during transmission and helps guard against unauthorized access and tampering.

The typical email security configuration costs for companies with fewer than 500 employees range from $100 to $500. In contrast, large companies may incur costs of up to $2,000 for their email security configuration. These costs can vary based on the specific requirements, services, and features chosen by the company to meet their email security needs.

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) in Microsoft 365 provides automatic protection for email messages in enterprises with Exchange Online mailboxes, as well as for organizations using EOP without Exchange Online mailboxes. Its primary function is to safeguard against spam or junk email, ensuring a higher level of email security within the Microsoft 365 environment.

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